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Fully Owned:
Name of Companies Year of Inc. Name of Companies Year of Inc.
Pelican Properties Ltd. 2009 PHP Ship Breaking & Re-Cycling Industries Ltd. 2000
PHP Petro Refinery Ltd. 2009 PHP Overseas Ltd. 2000
PHP Agro Products Ltd. 2008 PHP Latex and Rubber Products Ltd. 2000
PHP Power Company Ltd. 2004 PHP Corporation Ltd. 1999
PHP Float Glass Industries Ltd. 2003 PHP Cold Rolling Mills Ltd. 1997
University of Information Technology & Sciences (UITS) 2003 PHP Stocks & Securities Ltd. 1996
PHP NOF Continuous Galvanizing Mills Ltd. 2002 Alhaj Sufi Mohammed Dayemuddin Hospital 1995
PHP Power Generation Plant Ltd. 2001 PHP Fisheries Ltd. 1994
PHP Continuous Galvanizing Mills Ltd. 2000