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Ship Recycling

To support with steels for infrastructural development progress of Bangladesh, PHP Family started its Ship Breaking and Recycling Company back in 1982 in the name and style of well reputed RM Ship Breaking Industries Ltd. at Bhatyari, Chittagong.

The company has capacity to handle and cut the ships of a total approximately 400,000 MT every year to recover steel both in form of reusable steel plates sections as well as steel melting scrap apart from lot of valuable items including diesel generators, furniture and metals like copper and aluminum. The facility is stretched in an area of 21 acres of land and providing employment to approx. 500 people including casual labor.

Implementing globally accepted safety practices and pollution free operational capability, the company has been awarded with ISO Certification, the first ever in the country.

PHP SBRIL does not produce any product, rather after ships breaking some used materials having great market demand are realized. Of the materials, iron sheet and other iron profiles are in great demand for local re-rolling mills and similar industries.
Thus PHP integrates the steel manufacturing process from ship breaking to recycling steels.