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PHP Fisheries is located at Teknaf Upazila. Teknaf is an Upazila of Cox’s Bazar District in the Division of Chittagong, Bangladesh. It forms the southernmost point in mainland Bangladesh (St. Martin’s Island is the southernmost point). Teknaf has 48,531 units of house hold and total area 381 km². The tidal range at the Teknaf coastal area is strong influenced Naaf river estuary. The area is blessed with a warm tropical climate and sufficient rainfall which enable to support a wide biological diversity. The name of the region comes from the Naf River which forms the Eastern boundary of the upazila. It shares the border with Burma.

PHP Fisheries Ltd. is spread over 95 acres of land comprising of 18 cultured ponds, 2 preserver ponds, hatchery and many unused lands. The lands are earmarked to produce shrimps and fresh water fishes during the season. The capacity of the facilities is to produce 100 MT shrimps and fresh water fishes. During the dry season it produces salt from seawater through natural evaporation process with manual harvesting.

The Company’s registered office is in PHP House, 31 Agrabad C/A, Chittagong. Its projects are providing employment to 25 permanent employees and 200 indirect employments. The project has a Ice Factory, project building, 2 nos deep tube-well and approx. 750 nos of trees, etc. 

Objective of the company:

  • To carry on the business of fishes in any or all of its branches and for what purpose to establish modern fish culture farm and hatchery for production of sweet water fishes of all or any description and also to purchase, acquire or hire trawellers and sea going vessel and to maintain the same to catch and procure sea fishes of any description or nature.
  • To establish modern cold storage and fish preservation plant in suitable place or places and to process and make the fishes marketable in foreign and local market.
  • To export the fishes in all or any of the foreign countries which are produced in own farms or procured by catching in deep sea and through purchasing the same from local market.
  • To establish modern hatchery in suitable place or places for rearing sweet water fishes and also shrimp, prawn, lobster, crab and frogs from its infant stage and to grow the same for the purpose of fish culture of the company and also to market the same for fish culture in the country.
  • To procure by purchase or otherwise shrimps and fishes from suitable and convenient place or places of the country and process and preserve the same for export in foreign countries by any means of carrying by sea/water, land and air.

Production capacity:

SL No Product Production in Year (Average) Remarks
1 Shrimp Farming 100 MT 2 crops a year
2 Ice 150,000 pcs Per pcs 65-70 kg
3 Salt 8000 mond 1 crop a year
4 Natural Fish 1050 kg Various type of fish