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Company Brief

Progress & self-reliance of the country & the company is a parallel intent where energy & power is crucial. PHP Family has set up a captive power plant in 2003 under the name of PHP Power Generation Plant Limited consisting of 2 nos. gas turbines that produce 7.5 MW each. The total 15 MW power unit ensures the uninterrupted operational capability of PHP Steel Complex comprising of 2 Cold Rolling Mills, 3 Galvanizing Lines and Bell Annealing Furnaces and other auxiliary units.

This power plant is the first of its kind in Bangladesh that supply power in “island” mode (not connected to National Grid) which operates under fluctuating load demand basis.

Again in 2005, PHP Power Company Limited has been set up In PHP Industrial Park, with 3 nos. Caterpillar brand Gas Engine Generator sets of each 1,950 KWe capacity & 2 nos. Diesel Engine Generator sets of each 2,000KWe capacity. These power sources are dedicated for manufacturing components of Float Glass, Mirror and Aluminum profile plants uninterruptedly.

PHP Spinning Mills limited is also enriched with a captive power plant of 3MW capacity.

After acquiring such experience and efficiency of running and maintaining 3 different power plants, PHP Family is now endeavoring to setup power ventures to contribute in the national power grid in Bangladesh.