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The economy of Bangladesh is predominantly agricultural. Since the birth of Bangladesh, the country has achieved an incredible growth in food production and reached towards self-sufficiency by the year 1990. Though Bangladesh is an agro-based country, every year it has to import a huge amount of commodities like wheat, edible oil, sugar, pulse, peas, onion ginger, garlic etc.

To ensure the availability of supply of such commodities in the country, PHP Family started its import and trading wing back in 1999. PHP Corporation was engaged in importing sugar, food grains like wheat, lentils & pulses, spice group items like onion, garlic & ginger in bulk on regular basis through both PHP Corporation Ltd. & PHP Overseas Ltd. and became one of the largest trading house in Bangladesh.

PHP imported goods mainly from Canada, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine and China. PHP played a vital role to ease the supply of commodities in a reasonable price for the consumers.
Bangladesh commodity trading market is yet to be settled with few setback issues. Again, prices of commodities in both local and international markets swing frequently. Because of instability situation of trading market, PHP has given a pause on trading operations from 2007.
PHP Family always aware of moral commitment and responsibility to the society. PHP will initiate the trading business again for the betterment of the society in future.

Unit Name
PHP Corporation Ltd.
PHP Overseas Ltd.